CRC come to Norfolk

These days I don’t walk as much as I would like too, mainly because I have to drive so far to get a decent walk and with the cost of fuel it becomes expensive.

photo (31)This weekend though I had no excuse as The Cambridge Rambling Club had booked to stay at The Old Red Lion Hostel in Castle Acre for a weekend of walking.

So I Invited a walking friend to stay with me and swapped my Purple bike for my walking boots and my Purple ruc-sac.

Saturday was a lovely bright sunny Norfolk day if a little windy and we walked 17 miles along some of the Peddars Way and Nar Valley Way, although we had to make a few diversions due to heavy flooded paths at times.

Today was a bitterly cold and much windier day but we  still managed 14 miles along the Nar Valley Way keeping away from the flooded fields and was grateful for no rain.

Nice to see so many snowdrops on our walks this weekend :-)

After both walks we enjoyed tea and cake at the Churchgate Tea rooms where we were well looked after :-)

My next walk is planned for 16th March with the LDWA who are walking from Sandringham and then The Daffodil Dawdle at the end of March…..

Hectic !

Life has been pretty hectic since I came home from Les Gets, not that I am complaining, as I like it this way :-)

I started back to work with a 10 hour shift, have seen many lovely massage clients, biked over 100 miles and ran 11 miles…

Something new is a 7am Yoga fitness class at the Fitness studios Kings Lynn, which I am hoping will improve my flexibility just a little but mainly stretch me, in many ways, especially as its on a

Tuesday morning after a midnight shift at Tesco on the Monday.

I took the plunge and went for my bike fit, which resulted in my seat being put up a foot, well not quite but it feels that way, most importantly though I have progressed to clip in pedals, which I am told will make a huge difference, so watch this space …

We had another British Cycling Go-Ride ladies only training session, which was really fun and enjoyable so I have booked in for the next 2 sessions as well.

This weekend Its off to Cambridge to say hello and goodbye to Geoff who is just home long enough for a massage and a hair cut before he’s off on his travels to Vietnam

Next weekend a walking friend is coming to stay and we are having a walking weekend at Castle Acre with the Cambridge Rambling Club.

Then a biking day In Norwich with another friend is on the cards and the big one is the Wiggle No Excuses Sportive on March 1st followed by the LDWA Daffodil Dawdle on March 30th A fab way to spend Mothers day :-)

If I am not knackered after all that there are plenty more plans…………..

Skiing in Les Gets

I have been very lucky to have a weeks skiing in Les Gets every January since 2007.

Les GetsThe first year I went I could barely stand up on ski’s, so it still amazes me that I mastered the art of skiing especially as it scares me to death !!

The big debate this year was wether I would wear a helmet and just to please everyone and stop the nagging I did wear one !!  

Unlike other years I had no bright sunny days,so the light was very flat which I found difficult to get used too but I enjoyed the blue and red runs and came home with no broken bones :-)

After a week’s skiing I always come home thinking if I can ski then I can do anything !!!

An early season…

Every year I enjoy making Geoff his supply of Marmalade for the year.

IMG_1157This year I thought it was going to be a struggle, because between now and April 8th Geoff will only be in Cambridge for 1 day and the last thing I wanted to be doing on that day was making Marmalade.

Lucky for me or maybe lucky for Geoff, Seville Oranges are having a very early season, as we found out when we accidentally came across some in the Radmore Farm Shop.

So on Monday I spent a very happy 5 hours making 28 Jars of Marmalade.

It tastes so good that I may attempt to make another batch, later in the month, here at home on my electric hob, which should be very interesting…..

2013… what a Year !!

I ended 2013 with a very windy Ely 10km run.. no P/B today but was pleased with my time considering the conditions and the amount of exercise I had done in the past 4 days , which consisted of  a 5 mile run, 52 mile bike ride , 27 mile bike ride then 6 mile run today :-)

IMG_11452013 has been a great year for me, I took on an extra contracted shift at Tesco doing a job that I actually enjoy and after much nagging I am getting more training too !

My little massage business continues to grow and gives me great pleasure :-)

Joining the ladybird running club has changed my life and led me to parkrun and to Road biking with SWNC, where I have made some lovely like minded friends, and finally after all these years I feel that Kings Lynn is becoming home :-)

Since August 2013 I have been logging my run and rides on strava and have done 1164 miles on my bike and 225 miles of running…..  in 2014 I think I will log my longer walks on dailymile just so I can see how many miles I walk, fitbit logs my day to day walking which adds up to quite a lot too

I have lots planned for 2014 including the wiggle no excuses 80 mile sportive ride, the GEAR 10km, the LDWA Daffodil dawdle 26 mile walk, the 100 mile Sandringham ride and maybe a half marathon in October and who knows what adventure I will get up to with Geoff…  !!

Tomorrow we start the New Year walking with CRC…