Cherry Blossom…

My Cherry Flagpole tree 2009 Its flowering much earlier this year and all blossom very few leaves.   compared to last year 2008 and the year before 2007 One day hopefully it will be as beautiful as my Dad’s


After living in this house for 4 years and doing nothing in the garden apart from planting a flag pole cherry tree and some Rhubarb. I finally excepted that I wont be moving on for sometime or maybe even never. So the result of that was going out and buying a gooseberry bush and 2 […]

Still waiting…..

But getting there slowly… Flagpole Cherry  tree 2007 Flagpole Cherry  tree 2008 Think it will take a few more years yet to get as nice as my Dad’s

A waiting game….

My Dad is a keen gardener and has a beautiful Flagpole Cherry Tree in his garden. Also known as a Prunus Amanogowa It’s been there for about 10 years and is beautiful at this time of year. Perfect for small gardens as they grow up but not out. In August last year I got one […]