Another sad day

Posted by mobile phone:Now at Isham with my parents. Waiting to go to nat’s funeral. Nat was my brothers partner. No wifi for lap top so just hanging around waiting for this sad day to be over. Will fill the time reading sex in a tent book.

My moment of Fame…

While at work today I got a phone call from the assistant editor of the Tesco staff magazine. They wanted to ask me some questions about my GR20 walk. As they are going to run a little article about it in the next issue of the magazine. All I have to do now is e-mail […]

An unusual request…

Earlier this week I received an unusual request from Maple Kiwi, her blog is called Love in a tent. Hopefully I have been able to help her out but I am not going to tell you what this request was….. To find out your going to have to buy her book called sex in a tent, which will […]

Cambridge Autumnal 100k Audax

The  Cambridge Autumnal 100k Audax was my 5th Audax ride this year, I so love these rides as they are far more relaxed than sportives, cost a lot less to enter and it feels like a real day out rather than a race to finish as quickly as possible and get home. The food is […]


My instructions from Geoff are “ don’t bring much “ !! So no girlie lotions or potions .. no sexy underwear  🙁 Just a couple of pairs of walking trousers.. a few t- shirts.. my thermals and the other usual bits and bobs. Will sneak in my lip stick and my Red shoes 🙂 […]

Another walking Sunday

Sundays walk was from Saffron Waldron. A small group of 7 this week, which meant we did the 15 miles in a very good time. This time I did remember my sun cream, good job too as it was a boiling hot day. Could of done with my hat too 🙂 I so enjoy the […]

Reaching my Goals…

Less than 4 weeks now till I go off to meet Geoff in Lima, to say I am getting excited is an understatement 🙂 I have had my ups and downs but then that’s quite normal I suppose and as someone pointed out to me… Its only human to miss your Boyfriend. This is an […]